25+ Excellent Guides to Hiring

Here is broad set of recent articles for founders (and employees) on the topic of hiring & recruiting.

By Isaac Madan

General Discussion & Getting Started

How to Hire by Henry Ward of eShares. Discussion of core hiring principles and heuristics that provide guidance in, and add simplicity to, the recruiting process.

Who Should Startup? By Roy Bahat of Bloomberg Beta. Assessing the right early hires for your startup.

The Simple Numbers That Could Change How You Hire by Eric Feng of KPCB. How to align metrics and data in your recruiting process.

Hiring, Culture & Recruiting: Tips for Growing Your Startup by TechStars. Q & A with recruiting leaders associated with TechStars accelerator. Part 1 , part 2 , and part 3 .

Scaling Up

Debugging Recruiting by Dan Portillo of Greylock. Presentation on what the recruiting process looks like, and how to drive towards success in recruiting candidates.

Building A Recruiting Org by Elad Gil of Color Genomics. How to build up a recruiting function.

DIY vs Delegate by Fred Wilson of Union Square. Discussion on timing around when to hire: knowing what/when to delegate versus what to do yourself as a founder.

Recruiting — The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill by David Skok of Matrix. Perspectives on the importance of building a well-oiled recruiting machine as a founder.

Executive Hiring

A Blueprint for Executive Hiring by Jeff Markowitz of Greylock. Discussion of 5 key stages to hiring executives to your leadership team.

Engineering Hiring

How To Hire Engineers: Step 0, What To Look For by Jocelyn Goldfein of Zetta. Defining hiring criteria for engineering hires. Future discussion on sourcing, filtering, screening, assessing/deciding, and closing engineering talent.

How to Consistently Hire Remarkable Data Scientists by Jeremy Stanley of Sailthru. Comprehensive guide to hiring data scientists effectively.

This is How Coursera Competes Against Google and Facebook for the Best Talent by John Ciancutti of 60dB. How to successfully attract and close candidates in a highly competitive talent market.

Design Hiring

Designing the Hiring Process by Michael Owens of Reflexion Medical. Curated perspectives on hiring designers effectively.

Sales Hiring

A founder’s advice on hiring a VP of Sales by Boris Wertz of Version One and How to hire your (first) VP Sales (and not screw it up) by Jason Lemkin. Advice on hiring a VP of Sales and the timing around this decision.

Staffing and scaling a SaaS sales org? I’ve got a model for YOU by Pete Kazanjy. Financial model that can inform how you build an effective sales machine for a SaaS business.

The Impact Of Varying Sales Hiring Strategies On SaaS Startups by Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint. Explores different scenarios around hiring cadence in sales and its impact on revenue.

Shattering the Myth of the Prototypical Salesperson by Saqib Awan of Lightspeed. Perspective on qualities to look for in sales hires.

Finance Hiring

(1) 10 Signs You May Need Finance Help, (2) I Need Finance Help — What Role Should I Hire?, (3) Hiring Finance Help — How do I Find Great Candidates? by Jim Stewart of True Ventures. Set of guides of how to determine if you need finance help, what type of role you should hire as a result, and how to find great candidates and fill that role.

Marketing Hiring

Hiring a CMO by Rob Moffat of Balderton. Traits to look for in a Head of Marketing and tips for getting started in your search.

Culture & Diversity

HubSpot’s Culture Code and Why Culture Doesn’t Just Happen by Dharmesh Shah and Katie Burke of HupSpot. A real-world example of a startup’s approach to culture and the impact & importance they place upon it within the company.

Why diversity matters by Vivian Hunt of McKinsey and How Blind Hiring Can Make Your Company More Inclusive by Frida Polli of pymetrics. How diversity impacts your company and one way to help diversify your workforce.

For Candidates

Navigating the Hiring Process by Misha Chellam of Tradecraft and Katie Hughes of DFJ. Guide for candidates to navigate their recruiting process effectively with startups and land in the right role.

Finding Your Next Startup Role in 2016 also by Misha Chellam of Tradecraft. How to effectively approach the job seeking process and make a plan.

Equity & Compensation

Compensation at Startups by Homebrew. Comprehensive guide to salary and equity-based compensation, negotiation, process, and closing for early-stage startups.

What I Wish I’d Known About Equity Before Joining A Unicorn written anonymously. Important things to know about equity compensation and the right questions candidates should ask and companies should provide to be fully transparent.

Don’t Get Trampled: The Puzzle For “Unicorn” Employees by Scott Belsky of Benchmark. Important considerations around equity compensation and how comp that goes unscrutinized may result in a far different outcome than expected.

Founders: It’s not 1990. Stop treating your employees like it is by Tikhon Bernstam. Perspective on how to better and more fairly compensate employees with equity.


How To Automate The Hiring Process In 3 Steps — With Jack Smith by Sam Parr of The Hustle. If you’re hiring in very high volumes via Craiglist (e.g. DoorDash), here’s a step by step guide to automation.

By Isaac Madan , investor at Venrock ( email ). If you’re interested in discussing hiring & recruiting best practices, please reach out. In our last post, we have compiled resources for enterprise sales – you can read it here .

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