The Road Ahead: Autonomous Vehicles Startup Ecosystem

A dynamic view of the current state of self-driving startups. See it here.

The autonomous vehicles startup landscape has been evolving incredibly quickly: this past year has a seen a highlight reel of exits, financings, emergent stealth companies, and promising research advancements. The $1B exit of Cruise Automation to GM, the $680M exit of Otto to Uber, giving an Acura AV capability, an AI research team at helping AVs communicate, Udacity launching the Self-Driving Nanodegree — the list goes on.

The complexity of a startup ecosystem is always high in its early days. The technology is still being validated and few implementations have made their way to market. This is the case with the autonomous vehicles startup landscape. A number of researchers and analysts have done a lot to distill information on AV startups, but there isn’t currently an updated, comprehensive market map for the space.

This is why we’ve taken additional steps to build a dynamic market map view for AV startups. We delineate the different types of players in the AV ecosystem, provide relevant, publicly available info about them, and make it available in our Autonomous Vehicles Market Map web app that we will keep up to date with the most recent data. The list of startups is searchable, sortable, filterable, etc. for ease of use. The design and implementation of the site itself is also a work in progress, on which we’d appreciate any feedback (or help, if you’d like to contribute to the repo). Of course, this list is not comprehensive, so please do let us know of any additions/changes.

Startup Categories

  • Enabling Technologies: LIDAR, Mapping, Security, Parking
  • Vehicles: Cars, Trucks
  • Ecosystem: Fleet Management, Safety/Insurance

View the Autonomous Vehicles Ecosystem here on Requests for Startups.

By Isaac Madan (email), Wiley Jones (email), and Ascanio Guarini (email).

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